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What Is Your Motivation?

A question that goes over my head while i sit and examine my life and my career journey; where i am, how i got here and where the hell am i heading.

It seems to be the sauna at my health club where the thinking process occurs; this time when a random chap begins talking (like hello, this isn’t the place to make chit chat pal, im nearly naked).

Anyway, we were talking about what fields we are in; this guy is apparently a semi-pro Rugby player, struggling to reach the next level and not sure if this is the life he actually wants.

He spoke of not being given opportunities by his coach and the feeling like he was being neglected. He said he never had the urge to go beyond what was asked of him because he wondered why he should seeing as no-one would notice.

This got me thinking (as always).

What is it that motivates us to go that little bit further? Beyond what is being asked of us or what is the necessary and strive to make things happen that are not in front of our faces.

Motivation is a funny thing; it acts as an ever lurking energy within the spirit, cropping up in every decision we make. It creates reason, and with reason we create actions.

Getting out of bed for example, especially when you know you could fall back to sleep on the touch of the snooze button. Is that a form of motivation we can consider a positive, or is it based primarily on fear? Fear from our employers, fear of letting people down or even fear of failure.

As humans we are very different and a persons motivation will no doubt vary from the events in our past, the thoughts in our present and by the aspirations in our future.

To reach that goal, to strive for that next level and to achieve beyond what is considered the norm, we have to dig deep; understand what our motivation is, and transform the thought in our brains to an action in our lives.

It is within our journey for self fulfilment (call me Socrates) that we find the key to our minds and unlock the truth (or Sigmund Freud) behind what truly motivates us to achieve.

Call To Action

It is incredibly easy to just coast and float along, but being labelled average is far worse than being labelled a failure, in my opinion anyway.

The call to action from this post… What is your motivation? What is your tipping point and at what stage do you get up out of bed with the mentality that today is going to be the day that you make things happen?

Don’t answer the above… Just do it!

Back To The Drawing Board

Currently in a state of no motivation, recovering from flu and illness and a severe writers block, questioning the life of this site and if writing on Social Media and Digital Technology is even worth it.
The content is everywhere, and to be honest im bored of reading and writing about how we can use Social Media to improve our business and lives.

In the past few months i’ve changed a lot and my outlook on both projects i am/was involved in has also changed. This is due to a flip in career direction and also meeting someone who has made a large impact on my life. Now im feeling good about things, but im questioning my reasoning for all this in the first place.

I’ve written on Urban Music on my previous Music Blog and transferred the learnings to this site where my career is in football as a Digital Analyst (It’s ironic that my job is to be the guy that thinks too much and explains the what, where, why and how).

My other persona lives on a gaming site named The Urban Gamer, again created to use influences from Urban Music merged with Video Games. There isn’t really a huge business model here, just playing games and writing about them. My team are brilliant though! Big up the UG crew!

As for this site, i’m currently brainstorming to figure out a niche area to focus on. Im buggered if im gonna continue on this path scouring the net for Digital recycled content to put my own thoughts on like a bootleg version of Mashable.

Thinking back, one of the first posts i wrote for this site was about the benefits of a Performance Appraisal.

This is a key exert from that post:

The 4 main reasons for Appraisal are:

Motivation and Satisfaction – Performance appraisal can have a profound effect on levels of employee motivation and satisfaction – for better as well as for worse.

Training and Development – Performance appraisal offers an excellent opportunity – perhaps the best that will ever occur – for a supervisor and subordinate to recognize and agree upon individual training and development needs.

Recruitment and Induction – Appraisal data can be used to monitor the success of the organization’s recruitment and induction practices.

Evaluation – At its most basic level, performance appraisal is the process of examining and evaluating the performance of an individual.

So within these four values, i was set a specific set of questions on how to construct this task.

– What is my Ultimate Vision?
– Why am I Doing This?
– 3 areas to strive for?
– Define a set of goals that i want to achieve.

It’s been over six months since that post and somewhere along the journey of being an unemployed depressed bum to an entrepreneurial freelancing mastermind to an employed Digital Whiz Kid, i have let go of the fundamentals.

I’m going back to basics and back to the drawing board to figure out where i went wrong/right.

I’ll be back soon chappies! In the mean time, you can follow me on if you aren’t already.


Fundamentals of Social Media? Erm…

Whether you are devising a business plan for a start-up, creating a campaign strategy for an engagement tool or simply writing a blog post; you have to always consider the basic values of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

So often, we disregard the basics because we think they are the obvious. We think that it’s common sense and we don’t need to waste our time discussing common sense do we?

Fair enough, but in Social Media, common sense isn’t so common.

With a gazillion people trying to learn something about something; a billion brands trying to learn something about people and a million agencies trying to make money out of brands. (Hang on, i’m lost already, can you repeat that…)

Today I Tweeted a very simple Social Media model that I put together off the back of some research a few months ago. It’s simple model based around some core fundamentals that any serious marketers should follow. By serious, i mean the ones that actually care.

Let me break it down for you… Continue Reading