Luca is an asset to any team he plays in because he is hungry and passionate about any project he gets involved in. These are two traits that you cannot teach and rare to find in individuals.

Luca is passionate and extremely knowledgable on the subjects of Social Media and Digital Marketing. He has the ideas and the project management experience to reinvent any company's CRM arenas to bring profit and growth. Luca is also a great character to have in any office.

Luca is a highly driven, creative individual with a great determination to be the best and to set himself apart from the competition. Having interacted with Luca on a regular basis throughout my business career he has always proven to be a great motivator and a great inspiration for new ideas.
Luca is the guy that not only has the initiative to create great ideas on a regular basis, but he also has the inspiration and motivation to take action. His knowledge of Business and Digital is vast and i can't recommend him highly enough.

Luca was a great help when beginning to get my head around social media, his approach was one that was on the level, down to earth and easy to understand. In just 2 hours I got a firm grasp of social media and how to maximise it's potential.  

If there was an option to buy shares in Mr Massaro, I would be at the front of the queue. His disposition, charm, conviction and integrity is surpassed only by his knowledge of the digital world. Luca's open approach to positive thinking and continual growth really does come across in the way he carries himself, the work that he does and subsequently the results that he achieves.