about head

Hello and welcome. My name is Luca, I am a life explorer on a mission to learn, create and discover.

In 2010 I was recruited by Chelsea Football Club to make sense of their analytics. Within a year I was leading social media and product development for the club.

Late 2011 I was headhunted by Target Media to lead on social media. In 2013 I founded WePlay, a digital engagement agency working with brands to reach, engage and convert audiences in the sports domain.

I believe that life is just a game; a game that we can play how we choose and I strive to achieve greatness; for myself and anyone else I meet.

My mission is to inspire others, believing anything is possible in today’s digital world.

Want to know more? Let’s take a step back…

Part 1: That Italian Kid
Luca isn’t actually my full name; I was born Gianluca Massaro (after Gianluca Vialli, of course).

I am the youngest of four (two brothers and one sister). My father is Italian, from the small city of Brindisi and my mother is English with a jewish background. I grew up on a council estate in Sydenham, South East London. Not the most pleasant of areas but when it’s all you know, it’s your home. My Dad was strict, he always had a chip on his shoulder and hated everyone. He was a man of many talents but was never able to pin down anything consistent because he was too impatient. So as time passed, he grew frustrated, bitter at the world and amounted to nothing. He now lives in Italy on his own. My Mum is very much like my Dad, but more sensitive. She yearned to achieve more from life but after falling pregnant with my older siblings, she settled for the family life and hoped her husband would provide for his family. He never did. She also lives on her own in Bromley, South East London.

Part 2: Self Educated
My first attempt at entrepreneurship was in creating a society whilst at the University of Portsmouth, named ‘Unsigned Talent’. The aim was set about grouping together talented students in a cool/elite club where students could work together.

I knew that Universities and Colleges are built on networks and I was growing more and more interested in the idea of networks that spawn collaboration. It was in doing this that I learned the basics of management, leadership and organisation. Fundamentals that would remain with me, growing and changing as I continued on my journey to success.

What followed was the creation of my own Event Management business. Between 2007-09, the business was responsible for bringing some of the UK’s favourite acts to perform on the South Coast (Jay Sean, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk to name a few).

Expanding on what I’d learnt from the Society, I invested a lot of personal and external resources and liquidity into the business. We ran sponsorship and advertising campaigns for our events and my team of 20+ staff were all paid on hourly rates. In the Summer of 2009 I left University with a degree in Music Technology.

What many did not know about my University experience is that I was always an underdog, geared up to fail. I was a music student that had no musical experience. What was I doing on that course? I witnessed students that had superior instrumental experience fail, yet I actually managed to graduate with a 2:2, whilst running a business.

Part 3: Connecting Dots and Creating Opportunities
I touched back down in London with the idea that being an entrepreneur with a degree and some credibility was going to land me a dream job, likely at a top record label like Universal Music or Warner Bros. within a few months. Cue the sounds of my head hitting the floor as a wake up call.

Fortunately in my dissertation, titled ‘How to build an Entertainment Company using Social Media’, I was lucky enough to have established a relationship with some brilliant contacts. I had also taught myself how to use Social Networks to source and influence influential people and build relationships online. Using Twitter/Linkedin/My first blog, I took advantage of being able to find and connect with the people I wanted to work with/for.

Landing myself a variety of internships, I built relationships and offered assistance to companies and individuals who were new to running campaigns online. I voiced my ideas when I had the chance to speak and most of the time they were approved. One of the most important learnings I found was that no price can be put on offering your knowledge and experience for free. Gaining trust and respect with influential people equates to reputation and referrals. Referrals equal paid work and employment.

From the period of July 2009, when I left Portsmouth University to June 2010 when I started working for one of the biggest Football Clubs on the planet, I had grown into a Digital Professional with a successful reputation online and offline. It took me less than a year to grow from graduation to full-time employment with a major brand, and to build an effective and sustainable profile for myself in London. Social Media and modern technology has opened up the gate of opportunities for everyone. If you understand the basic fundamentals of communication, learn how to play your role and can influence the influencers; the opportunities are there for the taking.

In a short time period, I worked and built relationships with brands such as Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Google, Twitter, EA Sports, SAMSUNG, Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, BSKYB, MTV, LinkedIn, Myspace, BBC, E-Dialog, Gumtree, 1000Heads, Warner Bros., Universal Music and more.

Part 4: Find Your Passion
I have spent 7 years trying to find out who I am and what I am capable of. My journey has been my education. My challenges have been painful but have made me wise beyond my years. I want to combine my professional and personal experience to empower others to take action. That’s you reading this. I am no guru or expert, but I walk down the road less travelled and it’s not as scary as is made out by society.

Ask yourself these questions before you leave and get on with your day:

  • Are you postponing your aspirations like you believe you will live forever?
  • Do you wake up every day feeling like you’re inspired and ready to make a real impact?
  • Do you lack a strong support network?
  • Is there something you’ve craved to do for as long as you can remember?
  • Do you merely want to talk to someone?

My 10 Commandments:

  1. There are no such things as limits. Impossible tasks must be tested
  2. Humans are far more capable than we are given credit for
  3. The more of the world we see, the richer we become
  4. You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with
  5. When inspired people collaborate, magic happens
  6. Never stop learning as the learning cycle never ends
  7. If you see someone that needs help, stop asking yourself if they need help. Just help
  8. Head down the road less travelled. There’s an adventure waiting for you
  9. Always lead with your beliefs and don’t follow someone else’s dream
  10. You’re not alone and there are other people like you looking for you

I love helping people who have ambition. I live to give back and make a difference. I am building my own legacy of remembrance. I hope that my story, experience and knowledge can assist in someone else’s dream.