Confidence: The most undervalued currency

There are many contributing factors to becoming successful at something. Ranging from work ethic and attitude to energy and charisma. However, there is one resounding trait that is consistent with all successful people; confidence.

Confidence is the currency that all entrepreneurs deal with, sometimes it’s the only asset they have when they start a venture. The belief that you can build something from nothing is a strong characteristic and a vital one for the challenging journey that lies ahead. It is this bedrock of confidence combined with a vision of a better future that epitomises entrepreneurship.

Dealing with setbacks is inevitable when starting a new venture, even the thought of that alone is enough to put most people off. Many who go down the lonely road will fall at the first or second hurdle, but it is those who get back up, never take no for an answer and brush themselves off, only to start again right where they fell down, who are the ones destined to make it to the top.

You either win, or you learn

It is a mindset shared among the elites of many professionals, the belief that you didn’t really lose, you just ran out of time, or another of my favourite anecdotes is that you either win, or learn.

An eternal optimism and self-efficacy that is unwavering when challenged, is what many young entrepreneurs lack. With the rise of social media platforms that have given everyone a direct to consumer platform and with angel investors willing to throw cash at ‘the next Uber of sandwiches’, the problems facing entrepreneurs have changed. It’s no longer what do you have as a business, but have YOU got IT as an individual. It’s becoming less about the horse and more about the jockey.

One of my favourite quotes is “Pressure can burst a pipe or make a diamond” with the notion that challenges will bring out the best in a person. The competitive and tenacious nature of business will filter out those not up to the challenge and therefore only the best will succeed.

Pressure can burst a pipe or make a diamond

It is not only confidence that is needed though. Conviction in your decisions and being able to appreciate the learning process are also necessary. You cannot stall and be indecisive about taking a risk when it comes to your business. The time you spend analysing and thinking about the potential challenges ahead is the same exact time that somebody else out there is using to get ahead of you.

Risks are meant to be taken. Rules are meant to be bent and not all blueprints have been written.

Be clear and logical, strategic and tactical when it comes to making decisions, but be hungry, dynamic, wildly ambitious and overtly confident in yourself and your game.

Think about the long-term vision rather than short-term gains and remember, the wolf that catches the prey is the one that never gave up.

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