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What Is Your Motivation?

A question that goes over my head while i sit and examine my life and my career journey; where i am, how i got here and where the hell am i heading.

It seems to be the sauna at my health club where the thinking process occurs; this time when a random chap begins talking (like hello, this isn’t the place to make chit chat pal, im nearly naked).

Anyway, we were talking about what fields we are in; this guy is apparently a semi-pro Rugby player, struggling to reach the next level and not sure if this is the life he actually wants.

He spoke of not being given opportunities by his coach and the feeling like he was being neglected. He said he never had the urge to go beyond what was asked of him because he wondered why he should seeing as no-one would notice.

This got me thinking (as always).

What is it that motivates us to go that little bit further? Beyond what is being asked of us or what is the necessary and strive to make things happen that are not in front of our faces.

Motivation is a funny thing; it acts as an ever lurking energy within the spirit, cropping up in every decision we make. It creates reason, and with reason we create actions.

Getting out of bed for example, especially when you know you could fall back to sleep on the touch of the snooze button. Is that a form of motivation we can consider a positive, or is it based primarily on fear? Fear from our employers, fear of letting people down or even fear of failure.

As humans we are very different and a persons motivation will no doubt vary from the events in our past, the thoughts in our present and by the aspirations in our future.

To reach that goal, to strive for that next level and to achieve beyond what is considered the norm, we have to dig deep; understand what our motivation is, and transform the thought in our brains to an action in our lives.

It is within our journey for self fulfilment (call me Socrates) that we find the key to our minds and unlock the truth (or Sigmund Freud) behind what truly motivates us to achieve.

Call To Action

It is incredibly easy to just coast and float along, but being labelled average is far worse than being labelled a failure, in my opinion anyway.

The call to action from this post… What is your motivation? What is your tipping point and at what stage do you get up out of bed with the mentality that today is going to be the day that you make things happen?

Don’t answer the above… Just do it!