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Fundamentals of Social Media? Erm…

Whether you are devising a business plan for a start-up, creating a campaign strategy for an engagement tool or simply writing a blog post; you have to always consider the basic values of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

So often, we disregard the basics because we think they are the obvious. We think that it’s common sense and we don’t need to waste our time discussing common sense do we?

Fair enough, but in Social Media, common sense isn’t so common.

With a gazillion people trying to learn something about something; a billion brands trying to learn something about people and a million agencies trying to make money out of brands. (Hang on, i’m lost already, can you repeat that…)

Today I Tweeted a very simple Social Media model that I put together off the back of some research a few months ago. It’s simple model based around some core fundamentals that any serious marketers should follow. By serious, i mean the ones that actually care.

Let me break it down for you… Continue Reading