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Luca’s Links: The Top 5 Links of the Week

What you are about to read is a compilation of my Top 5 Favorite Links of the past week. Each and every week i will post links from various topics. Whether they are tech, videos, sport, gaming or girls; i guarantee they will entertain….. or so i hope.

Top Link of the Week

1). Indonesian baby on 40 cigarettes a day

I could not stop laughing when i saw this. Looks like a mob boss with his leather jacket sitting in his chair giving orders to the peasants. But seriously, cruelty or comedy?

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Guest Blogging: Geek For Gumtree

Yet another claim to fame? I think so!
After a nice eventful evening at The Gumtree Meet back in April, i was asked by the jolly people at 1000heads to contribute for the Gumtree Blog. WIN!

I was given pretty much a blank canvas for a topic, but had to relate it to Gumtree of course.
So being the uber geek that i am, you can pretty much guess what i wrote about.

Here is a short excerpt:

“Luca Massaro, a tech blogger and digital marketing consultant from London, tells us how he posted a Wanted ad on Gumtree to find some of his prized possessions at a bargain price.

You can read the full article here – Geek For Gumtree.

The iPod Domination!

In the late ’90s and early aughts, MP3 players were known, well, as MP3 players.

However, when Apple launched the iPod on October 21, 2001, it was such a huge success that it only took a couple of years for most people to simply start using the name “iPod” whenever they referred to an MP3 player.

Apple had sold 125,000 iPods by the end of 2001; it sold a flabbergasting 225 million by 2010.
Coupled with the music management/online music store one-two punch that was iTunes, the iPod turned out to be one of the most successful gadgets of all time.

In the amazing infographic after the jump, you can see the rise of the iPod and iTunes and how they’ve affected our lives over the last nine years.

It’s true: The rest of the MP3 market never stood a chance.

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