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Do You Know A Social Media Guru?

The world of Social Media to most of the population means Facebook and Twitter. Okay, we all use those Social Networking sites, we all know how to link our Twitter to our Facebook Page and we all have a Blog or Website.

For a while, businesses have been trying to enforce commercial gain using Social Media. But most of these businesses have no idea where to start; they have their fingers up their ar*** whilst standing there scratching their heads, thinking “hmm, maybe i should just pay a Social Media guru to help me.”

Welcome the ‘Social Media Guru’. The chap with 30,000 Twitter followers while he followers 32,000 (ooh nice Follow script you got there) and he has a very persuasive Twitter bio:

‘Social Media, Guru, Expert, Evangelist, Inventor of the Internets and i’ll make you MILLIONS in minutes”

Not forgetting the Tumblr blog he uses to embed Youtube videos of Old Spice campaigns and Slide Share presentations that he didn’t create but still doesn’t link back to the creator for reference and the key factor for all Social Media Guru’s… they all Retweet copious amounts of link bait from

Note: If you know people like this or have seen these suspects, please let me know so i can add them to my Twitter ‘Hall of Shame’ list.

This short video will clarify what I am talking about if you don’t understand:

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Luca’s Links: The Top 5 Links of the Week

Top Link of the Week

1). Apple – iPhone 4 – This changes everything. Again.

Of course the Top Link this week was going to be the unveiling of the iPhone 4. After the leak on Gizmodo in April, it was only a matter of time until we were given the real details on Apple’s latest masterpiece.

Apple have done it again. I started out with the first iPhone 2G back at the start of 2008 but in 2009 i switched over to Blackberry to get my business game on. Now i think it may be time to revert back!

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