Engagement and Interaction = Blah Blah Blah

I was having a conversation recently with a friend about his business model. We were throwing ideas back and forth and then he asked about interaction and engagement with his market. (The most famous words in a Social Media Guru’s dictionary).

Engagement and Interaction… Engagement and Interaction… Engagement and Interaction! It’s all i keep hearing from Mashable content recyclers.

“Social Media is Engagement and Interaction and by utilising Web 2.0 in accordance to your audience you can build a reputable network and substantial ROI.”

The old boring word known as ‘Communication’ is dead. Revitalizing buzz words such as Engagement and Interaction are leading the way and a whole universe of confused brands and businesses are throwing money at rogue ‘Digital Marketers’ to explain to them what these words actually mean.

Want to know what it all really means? Here’s a simple tip that i won’t charge you a ridiculous day rate for:

It means you have to LISTEN to your audience when they speak, REPLY when comments are posted and RESEARCH available tools that are relevant to your campaigns.

I understand that not everybody is savvy with the online media world, so if you still want to pay me to teach you the fundamentals of new age words that you don’t understand; then drop me an email and i’ll be more than happy to assist. Ca-ching!

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