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The Endless Job Search – Help Luca!

This is a very nice blog right? I think so, but i’d be lying if i said it made any money.

While i love working on some exciting projects, freelancing and helping out others with advice and support so that they can connect the dots to achieve their dreams; i am searching for an opportunity that can provide a steady income and put me on that path for a prosperous career.

To date i have signed up to 15+ recruitment sites/agencies, sent out over 50 applications, with specifically designed covering letters and CV’s… but, i have had no success as yet.

So here is the question… Do you know anyone that can help me find a job?

What Kind of Job am I Looking for?

Over the last few years i have been involved in the Music/Entertainment Industry utilizing Digital Marketing and Social Media to create leads, expand on networks and generate return on investment for both my own ventures and my clients.

I am looking to expand on this by joining an Entertainment/Music/Digital Company or Agency that is specializes in or is interested in using Digital strategy to accomplish targets and goals.

What Experience do i have?

With experience of working with large brands, such as Orange, Sony Ericsson, Channel 4, Myspace, O2, Luminar and Comic Relief. I have managed Entertainment Events to a consumer market of over 100,000 people, generating company profits in excess of £250,000 and distributed online content and material to millions of people worldwide using strategic Social Media, SEO and Email Marketing techniques.

You can click on my Testimonials Page to see what some of these clients have said.

What are my Strengths?

My strengths are in understanding strategy and using whatever tools i have at my disposal to get the job done. I am a deep thinker and i plan everything i do within business so that i am always prepared for any turn of events.
The last few years i have developed strategies and tactics in and around Social Media; while i do not claim to be a ‘guru or expert’, i have the knowledge and experience to make and save any company money by expanding on the tools of the Internet.

What am i Passionate about?

I am passionate about ‘connecting people’. I know it sounds cliche, but i believe that one of the most important things in life, is to use what skills you have to help others. That is why i created this blog and it is why i assist so many creative people with direction and advise so that they can also connect the dots to find their success.

The motivation for what i do comes from a life within Music having spent the last ten years in the Music Industry at both education and professional level. Music is a Universal Language and one way or another it connects everybody… Just the same way Social Media does, that is why they go hand in hand.

What am i Willing to do?

I am a very enthusiastic person and can bring energy and passion to any job. I believe that a happy team creates a happy work environment and thus creates success in the workplace and ultimately a happy client.
I am willing to start at a low level position to grow through the ranks, learning the specifics of what the company/organization is built on.

I believe that due to my flexibility, strong work ethic and commitment, I can be a smart investment within the appropriate company or project. All you need to do is pick up the phone and ring me, pass my contacts onto someone you think may be interested or drop me an email/comment and i can assure you, you wont regret it.

To get hold of me:

Phone: +44 (0) 7849 975 561
Twitter: @iAmLuca

For more information, i have a CV available upon request that will elaborate in depth on each of the points raised above.

I can also be available for an interview at any time. Thanks for reading and i hope to hear from someone soon!