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Competition Challenge: My Southbank

So I was set the challenge of creating a thread/post relating to My Community for Gumtree.

Challenge: Pick up to 10 of your favorite things about your community and create an ad page on the Community section. Simple enough!

The task is to get as many comments and views as possible to this thread.

“Gumtree are passionate about communities and bringing people together.”

Being that the London Southbank is built up on creativity I decided to be a little bit more innovative with the challenge and rather than pick a selection of my favorite things, I took my new moleskin notepad, a sketchbook and my new digital camera (courtesy of Gumtree People) down to the Southbank and chose a selection of things that inspire me from the Southbank area.

So, my lovely readers, i need you guys to help me out a little:

– Head over to My Southbank
– Leave a nice little comment
– Retweet the My Southbank to your network.
– Let me know when you have done so and i will add you to my personal reward list!

**Alternatively if that is all too long, just leave a comment on this post!!**

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Guest Blogging: Geek For Gumtree

Yet another claim to fame? I think so!
After a nice eventful evening at The Gumtree Meet back in April, i was asked by the jolly people at 1000heads to contribute for the Gumtree Blog. WIN!

I was given pretty much a blank canvas for a topic, but had to relate it to Gumtree of course.
So being the uber geek that i am, you can pretty much guess what i wrote about.

Here is a short excerpt:

“Luca Massaro, a tech blogger and digital marketing consultant from London, tells us how he posted a Wanted ad on Gumtree to find some of his prized possessions at a bargain price.

You can read the full article here – Geek For Gumtree.