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My Top 10 Inspirational Movie Scenes

Those who know me will know that I am BIG on my movies. However, what I love more than a great blockbuster is a spine tingling inspirational dialogue at suspenseful moment within the film. Something that gets you locked in on the screen with ore that you feel the speaker is talking directly to you.

You only have to look to the right hand side of this page to see I have inspirational quotes and testimonials rotating to let the readers know how clever I am.

Now, I have wanted to do a post about the best inspirational scenes in movies for as long as I can remember but the problem being: 1) I couldn’t narrow it down as there are quite a few, 2) It takes a while finding videos that are embeddable and 3) I actually have a life.

Below I have selected 10 of the best inspirational movie scenes from some of the best films in history. This is not ‘THE DEFINITIVE TOP 10’ but only my opinion, so if one of your films isn’t here or if you do not agree, I really couldn’t care less.

I have put them in order from 10-1, this is purely based on my opinion. Enjoy! Continue Reading

Competition Challenge: My Southbank

So I was set the challenge of creating a thread/post relating to My Community for Gumtree.

Challenge: Pick up to 10 of your favorite things about your community and create an ad page on the Community section. Simple enough!

The task is to get as many comments and views as possible to this thread.

“Gumtree are passionate about communities and bringing people together.”

Being that the London Southbank is built up on creativity I decided to be a little bit more innovative with the challenge and rather than pick a selection of my favorite things, I took my new moleskin notepad, a sketchbook and my new digital camera (courtesy of Gumtree People) down to the Southbank and chose a selection of things that inspire me from the Southbank area.

So, my lovely readers, i need you guys to help me out a little:

– Head over to My Southbank
– Leave a nice little comment
– Retweet the My Southbank to your network.
– Let me know when you have done so and i will add you to my personal reward list!

**Alternatively if that is all too long, just leave a comment on this post!!**

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