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Guest Blogging: Geek For Gumtree

Yet another claim to fame? I think so!
After a nice eventful evening at The Gumtree Meet back in April, i was asked by the jolly people at 1000heads to contribute for the Gumtree Blog. WIN!

I was given pretty much a blank canvas for a topic, but had to relate it to Gumtree of course.
So being the uber geek that i am, you can pretty much guess what i wrote about.

Here is a short excerpt:

“Luca Massaro, a tech blogger and digital marketing consultant from London, tells us how he posted a Wanted ad on Gumtree to find some of his prized possessions at a bargain price.

You can read the full article here – Geek For Gumtree.

Get Off The Bench And Into The Game!

On the 24th March 2009 i had the idea to create a blog. My words at the time in my first post were:

“I created this blog with an idea of what i was going to chat about, but more of a decision to just get on it and get busy with it. Blogs are happening and people are reading them… which means there are people that wanna know more about something and for me that’s an opportunity in itself.”

Intuitive right? That’s what i thought…

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