Get Off The Bench And Into The Game!

On the 24th March 2009 i had the idea to create a blog. My words at the time in my first post were:

“I created this blog with an idea of what i was going to chat about, but more of a decision to just get on it and get busy with it. Blogs are happening and people are reading them… which means there are people that wanna know more about something and for me that’s an opportunity in itself.”

Intuitive right? That’s what i thought…

That was as Andrew Davis says, “Getting off the bench and into the Game.” For the first few weeks i was blogging about anything and everything, but in time i realized the gap i saw was that no-one on the South Coast (where i was living at the time) was blogging at all. More to point, no-one was talking about the entertainment scene, and it got me questioning.. If no-one is talking about it, then how can anyone outside of those towns know about it? That’s where i guess i wanted to start.

From that point i was blogging all things Urban Entertainment, as that’s the area of the industry i was involved with. Events, Clubs, Music, Artists, DJ’s etc, if it was hot, it was here. After about a month of great posts and intense text, i came to understand something; the reason why no-one was talking about South Coast Entertainment, is because the majority of it isn’t worth talking about. It’s a sad story but there are too few people trying to make an impact in an area that no major player in the industry cares about. Lets face it, if your in entertainment you have to be in London.

So i changed up my blog up and began creating my own perspective on Urban Entertainment as a whole. Videos, Reviews, Interviews and random posts, i was getting some serious traffic and a lot of comments. It was a good time to be a blogger. I made a lot of connections, and using my Twitter as my feed generator i was getting myself out there.

Towards the end of 2009 i had yet another epiphany. Realizing this time that too many people were blogging Urban Music and all things Entertainment. The market is saturated, so why fight for a position on a ladder that is gonna take years to climb?

I have come to understand one thing about blogging that actually matters. Regardless of what you a posting, if it gets you “off the bench and into the game” then it’s a good thing. Since the last day that i made a blog post i have thought of ways to change my blog to sync in with my current ideas and lifestyle. But the more i think, the more im not blogging and actually doing anything at all. So while i think about the next set of changes for this blog, im gonna just blog my day to day activities.

I expect your one of those people that has an idea or a selection of ideas and are trying to perfect one of them before you unleash your masterpiece right? Well, that will probably end with you saying to someone, “yeah im doing a few projects and working on something, but its not ready yet” or something along those lines.
Now its 2010 and the call to action is now. Heard the expression, “there’s no time like the present?” Exactly. It’s time for you to get off the bench and into the game.

PS: Here’s a freebie. If you are involved in the music industry, you should read this! I won’t tell you too much now, just click the link!

It’s good to be back!

Luca x

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