21 Days To Create A Habit – My Challenge

Yesterday i decided to get back into the blog game, i was actually sitting in the steam room at the leisure center when i began to brainstorm. I hadn’t written a decent post in a while and where the majority of my readers type the iamluca url and expect to watch a new music video or free download, i hate to disappoint but that chapter has taken a leap off a 80 story tower block. If you do want your daily Urban Music fix i suggest you check out my good friends at Team Supreme, cos they have the Urban Music Blog game locked down.

Back to the story now; so i am sitting in the steam room, towel over my head and all that, deep breaths soaking up the aroma and Aloe Vera the chap next to me has sprayed, when i remembered something that Andrew Davis told me a few weeks back. Now for reference, Andrew is a mentor, a colleague of mine, and the creator of The Worst Kept Secret.

“If you do something 21 days in a row it becomes a habit.” Andrew stated. I don’t usually question Andrew, i prefer to just Google something and i haven’t yet found a time when he speaks out of his arse so i can take his statements as a valid argument.

This got me thinking about what i needed to be doing and not only habits that i would like to create, but also those that i could break. So that simple Google Search lead me to a blog post by a guy called Steven Aitchison. Steven writes a very interesting blog focused around ‘positive thinking and challenging the mind.’ You should definitely check it out!

Now i didn’t care too much about finding further research about whether this is a credible statement, i mean, why waste more time when i have to get off the bench and into the game. I was more interested in what habits would help me move forward in 2010 and a step closer to that bright light (success by the way, not heaven).

So what was the first habit i wanted to imply with a 21 day challenge? It had to be the all important fitness task. Having exchanged regular exercise for selection boxes, Cadburys Heroes and weeks old dry turkey for the last three weeks, it was time to get my Spiderman physique back on. (That means im hoping to just wake up hench and pose in the mirror).
21 days of hardcore fitness await me… well actually 19 cos by the time of writing this i have been to the gym the last two days. If i cant make it to the gym, i have to make sure i go for lengthy hour run, armed with snow boots and a fur coat Rocky IV style.

The second habit goes hand in hand with the above one: 21 days of healthy eating. What would be the point of training like Ivan Drago if im gonna polish off a portion of cheesy chips for dinner.

Healthy eating consists of three main meals:
– Breakfast: A bowl of Special K or two boiled eggs with wholemeal bread and a glass of fresh juice.
– Lunch: A Salad with olive oil dressing or a sandwich (no crisps).
– Dinner: A meat or fish, freshly cooked with minimal seasoning and hand cut potatoes with a side salad.

Fortunately i am actually a pretty good cook, compliments of the Italian parents, so this won’t be a problem. If you think not being able to cook will put an end to your washboard stomach regime, i suggest bookmarking a Jamie Oliver site.

The third and final habit i am installing is this one. To write a blog post every day for 21 days; and like i said in yesterdays post it doesn’t really matter what you are writing, as long as you are writing something. If it stops you chatting waffle on Facebook to friends that you hoped that you got rid of five years ago, its a good thing. It will also be a good chance for me to keep track of my progress also, so im excited about doing this one.

So these are my three habits:

• 21 days of Fitness training (Gym, Running, Home workout).
• 21 days of Healthy eating (Three healthy meals per day)
• 21 days of blog posting.

And there we have it, i will be enforcing these until Sunday 24th January. If this theory is correct i should be rocking a string vest with a pair of bulging biceps that will get me a date with Katie Price by the following Monday.

I actually don’t have any habits that i would be interesting in breaking, maybe to stay of Facebook cos it is that distracting, but my blog posts feed to Facebook and it would be rude of me, giving Social Media advice to people, when i don’t use the site myself.

Good habits that some may want to break are: Stop Smoking, No Chocolate, Sweets or Crisps, No Fast Food, Don’t use your computer after a certain time etc.

If this post interests you and you decide to take the challenge also, please feel free to contact me and keep me updated via a reply to this post, via my email which is info@iamluca.co.uk or via my twitter.

If this content inspired you, fill out your details and join me on my journey