SWOT Analysis: Your Secret Weapon

Now for the general reader, i should problem inform you that this isn’t the understanding of how the police break down doors and storm a building all guns blazing. That would be SWAT and stands for Special Weapons And Tactics. SWOT simply stands for: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Phew, glad we cleared that up; now a SWOT Analysis will help you or your business massively because it will allow you to look closely at the foundations that build up the specifics to you or your company.
Generally in life and in business we spend too much time looking into the details of every minor building block, and this can cause problems with time management and being swamped in these ‘minor issues’.

You are trying to maintain and build upon any Strengths. Ideally, you must confront your Weaknesses honestly with a view to doing something about them.You would like to take advantage of any Opportunities that may present themselves. Tactics are required to minimize any Threats to your vision, team performance or problem solving.

I recently put together my personal SWOT analysis and below i have pasted one bullet point for each area as an example.
I found it very useful and also quite liberating, as it allowed me to really be honest to myself about some of my weaknesses, when generally we don’t get a chance to expose these.

I am excellent with communication as it is key to be on top of all correspondence, and make sure I have time to keep up to date with anyone who could be of benefit to any opportunity I am involved in.

I can get bored easily, and like to mix up my day with different tasks. I tend to get distracted by what other people are doing; especially when I am not busy with a task that has a deadline.

Utilizing connections with Social Networks especially within Digital or the Music Industry. Understanding sites such as Twitter that allow you to communicate with anyone and learning ways to manipulate this application to my benefit.

Procrastination and using sites like Facebook to entertain myself, when i should be making more use of my time by researching for clients, editing my websites or building networks.

If you have done a SWOT Analysis before or if you create one from this, please let me know as i would love to hear your feedback.


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