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It’s been a kind of rough few days and i wanted to write something to help those that may also be going through any hard times whether it be work related, relationships, financial or anything else.

Our lives tend to be carried by emotions and i find that especially within myself, although my business decisions are generally based on analysis and are conservative, my personal decisions, especially when i am emotionally involved, are rash and uncontrollable.
I look back over the years and can see similar traits of where i have excelled in enterprising and understanding theory within business, but have always had weaknesses with becoming emotionally attached to something or someone (this can relate to a partner or are business you created from scratch yourself).

As time passes, we encounter challenge after challenge that sets us apart as humans, each one being more difficult, and while we should learn from previous mistakes, sometimes it’s easy to get so emotionally involved that our knowledge and our ability to analyze a situation goes out the window.

So i am sitting here wondering about the last few days and how i got myself into a situation that i never really imagined being in (not anytime soon anyway). How it got to the point, that i had forced a decision to be made, when if i had approached the scenario with the same thinking i use within business, would the outcome have been different?

While i don’t want to think too much about my decisions and the possibility of regretting the outcome, as i never want to live in regret. I can only try to understand the large gap that separates my head and my heart, without being too cliche.
I know i am not the only one in this position, and while thousands of people go through pain and anguish everyday, and moreover, while we watch as a country that has been destroyed by natural disaster, where thousands of lives have been ruined, i remain positive about my future, the opportunities that are ahead and the challenges i will encounter as time passes.

I believe that every challenge we come up against is a test of our character; our ability to overcome. The theory that ‘whatever doesn’t kill me, can only make me stronger’ is one that i fully accept and understand. Yet in many situations i have this involuntary desire to object against my inner strength and ability and can fall weak to my emotions, especially the memories of what we once regarded as ‘that perfect place’.

I recently found, that although ‘life’ (in inverted commas) gets us down, depressed, negative, upset, worried, confused, uncertain etc, it is the art of ‘progression‘, that keeps us believing in ourselves. Meaning that if you are able to move past this challenge and conquer whatever has the potential to hold you down, then you have progressed. You have moved forward, and while your brain and heart will still hold the memory, the wound will heal; thus in short, you have succeeded in that challenge.

I like to think of things on an annual cycle, for example, is the position you are in now, a step further than the position you were in this time last year? Was 2009 a successful year for you? Did you end it further ahead than you was at the end of 2008?
It was for me; as i graduated from University, participated in a great challenge with Orange Rockcorps, created and established an array of business ventures, networked efficiently thus creating new opportunities, made some great friends and also met a wonderful girl (i really don’t have to explain the outcome of this though).

This is just a brain dump of my thoughts and feelings, merely because writing this out, allows me to read about myself from an external angle. It will also act as an archive that i can look to further down the line, to monitor my progress.

I want to end this post, by stating this analogy.

Every challenge is like a chapter in a story; the story of your life. While the chapter will eventually come to an end, it does so to let another chapter begin. The next challenge will not be the final chapter in your life, and as your story goes on, each chapter will make it easier to understand what this story is about. As you progress, the book will become clear and you can conquer the rest of the story with ease.

As always, this is a blog of my honest thoughts and feelings, and if this helps you in anyway, please post your comments below. Any comments are appreciated and i hope you enjoyed the read.

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