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Identifying Clarity and Purpose In Your Journey

Within the past year i have watched a heep of motivational, inspirational and personal development videos. Finding that guidance in life so you know deep down that you are heading in the right direction is not in any way easy to find.

In my last post i wrote something very personal; as i am currently going through a transition period in my journey to find self fulfillment.

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Joining Chelsea Football Club

Every once and a while our lives get to a crossroad where a decision needs to be made so that we can progress.

One of the first posts i wrote for this blog entitled Just Another Chapter In My Story explained how a series of events had occurred in my life. I ended that post writing this analogy:

Every challenge is like a chapter in a story; the story of your life. While the chapter will eventually come to an end, it does so to let another chapter begin. The next challenge will not be the final chapter in your life, and as your story goes on, each chapter will make it easier to understand what this story is about. As you progress, the book will become clear and you can conquer the rest of the story with ease.

Around six months have passed and im up at the next set of crossroads again.
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Turn The Page

It’s been a kind of rough few days and i wanted to write something to help those that may also be going through any hard times whether it be work related, relationships, financial or anything else.

Our lives tend to be carried by emotions and i find that especially within myself, although my business decisions are generally based on analysis and are conservative, my personal decisions, especially when i am emotionally involved, are rash and uncontrollable. Continue Reading