Joining Chelsea Football Club

Every once and a while our lives get to a crossroad where a decision needs to be made so that we can progress.

One of the first posts i wrote for this blog entitled Just Another Chapter In My Story explained how a series of events had occurred in my life. I ended that post writing this analogy:

Every challenge is like a chapter in a story; the story of your life. While the chapter will eventually come to an end, it does so to let another chapter begin. The next challenge will not be the final chapter in your life, and as your story goes on, each chapter will make it easier to understand what this story is about. As you progress, the book will become clear and you can conquer the rest of the story with ease.

Around six months have passed and im up at the next set of crossroads again.

Back then i had no idea what this blog would turn out to be, what would be my focus, or if anyone would care enough to read it. As i said then, it was about getting off the bench and into the game.

The last six months have been amazing though, and some of the articles i have written have gotten some fantastic feedback. From this i have given talks on Personal Branding, become a mentor to some great friends, done an array of freelance Digital work and worked with and alongside some really cool people and brands.

I have written on various topics; Personal Development, Branding, Success, Digital Marketing, Social Media, the list goes on. With the idea in mind, that i know what im talking about; im no expert, but the information is out there, so i have researched, studied and have shared.

In my game plan, I always had two methods to act as direction to finding success:

1). Create or be part of an idea, product or project that i was heavily involved in or managing. Be recognised by an industry for bringing about success and build a career upon that.

2). Build up a credible level of experience from freelancing so that i could apply to work with a large corporate company and build a career from within that company.

You can view what projects i am/have been involved in from the Portfolio page.

I mean ive watched and read enough Personal Branding videos and posts to know what i needed to do to put myself in the best possible position for employment… then it would only be a matter of time before either one of my projects took off or i would get hired by a big company.

The Next Chapter…

So as of 28th June 2010 i am officially the Digital Marketing Analyst for Chelsea Football Club.

The big corporate brand that i have been searching for has arrived, and hopefully with this, i will be able to learn, grow and expand my skills and knowledge in the field.

The most important thing to me in my career is to make sure i am continually progressing, and with this in mind, i feel that the past six months that i have been archiving my footsteps in this industry, have lead to this crossroad where i open my next chapter.

From here on, i will try to keep this site as updated as possible with my movements and developments in the digital sector.

I want to thank you all for supporting and being part of my journey. To all of you that read, comment and retweet my posts i am forever grateful to you for sharing and believing in what i write.

See you on the other side…

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