What websites do you visit most?

While watching Celebrity Big Brother, which is actually quite jokes this time around and at the same time browsing the net (yep multi-tasking), i took a look at the tabs i have open and decided that i would write a short post about the sites that i use most regularly (bookmarks).
So what sites do you visit most frequently and it would be interesting to know what everyone has as their home page too!

So my home page is Google (durr) and generally i don’t use Google unless i am researching, so my first click will be towards a bookmark in my toolbar. Now, we all have that one site which we click to before we click anything else, and for a long time mine was Twitter, but for the last few days, my first click is of course… this one (my blog that is).

So these are my most visited sites and what i generally utilize each one for:

Twitter: 2009 was a huge year for the microblogging site and while 140 characters isn’t a lot to work with, i use it primarily to network with people that are either within my field (digital and music) or interested in my blog.

Facebook: The king of social networks has a firm place in my browser, although i spend most of the day closing the tab and re-opening it due to the distraction.

HotUKDeals: A great site for finding the best consumer deals in the UK, trading with members in the forum that is much more respected than eBay and also using the forum features within in deal or trade. Love it!

Gmail: I use Gmail rather than using Mac Mail simply because of the chat feature within the page. Very handy to speak with your mail contacts.

TED: Ted.com is one of my favorite and also most inspiring bookmarks. It’s primarily a video site built on ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. The content is King and watching one video will turn you into a super geek jam packed with knowledge!

The Worst Kept Secret: A blog site designed to teach you ‘what you didn’t learn at school’. Based around Music and Media, TWKS uses Social Media to teach common sense life skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Team Supreme: Whilst i spent the best part of six months blogging about Urban Music, and although my writing game kicks arse, i was always playing catch up with the content kings at Team Supreme. Forget Limewire, these guys are your source for Urban Music!

SBTV: While this kid has the YouTube game locked with a cast iron door and secured with a pair of iron giant bodyguards, his new website is not only looking swish, but also throwing up all that tip top content from the YouTube channel and more! Created by the genius’ over at Creative Nerds, SBTV is one video site to keep in your toolbar.

Income Diary: The blog site that gives us a direct insight into making money online. Michael Dunlop created the site and is a 20 year old on his way to becoming a gazillionaire.

Chris Brogan’s Blog: There are a shed load of people in the digital world claiming to be ‘Social Media Gurus’, but this guy has his writing and advice down to a tee. Brilliant posts and great information for bloggers and internet geeks!

Mashable: Lets keep it simple: Mashable is ‘The Social Media Guide’.

Google Analytics: One of the most genius sites in internet history. This application allows you to embed a simple piece of code within your site or blog and monitor all of your statistics. From where your viewers are coming from, whose talking about what and where they go to when they leave your site. It’s the ultimate geek tool!

IGN: Last but not least. Any gaming geek wouldn’t be complete without a daily visit to the Internet Gaming Network (IGN). Trailers, Reviews, Ratings and News, it has it all!

There you have it, these are the main sites that i will check every day. You may be wondering why i don’t check a news site like BBC, and it’s because Twitter covers that for me. Simples!

What sites do you visit regularly? Are your favorite sites making your time spent on the internet worth while? Have you found any of my bookmarks interesting or informative?

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