Growth of Social Media: Real Time Counter

Absolutely brilliant! Without an introduction, i’ll let you make what you like from below.


1.4 billion music tracks sold on iTunes between Sep 09 & Feb 10 – Wikipedia iTunes tracking

300 000 new twitter users per day Apr 2010 – TechRadar

247 billions emails per day and 18% growth in internet users (of 1.75bn) Jan 2010 – Royal Pingdom ‘Internet 2009 in Numbers’

280 mill iPhone apps per month Jan 2010 – GigaOm

3.5 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each week and 2.5 billion photo uploads to Facebook per month Feb 2010 – eConsultancy

Facebook 635mill in ad revenue & $75 mill in gifts Mar 2010 – InsideFacebook

Facebook 25 million new members each month Feb 2010 – Mashable

50 million Tweets per day Feb 2010 – eConsultancy

YouTube 1Billion watched per day Dec 2009 SMH


Gary Hayes

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