Evolution Not Revolution

Adapting to change

2010 was a year I started with mixed emotions having adapting to life as a Music graduate back in London after four years away at University. Armed with nothing but enthusiasm and a wrath of ideas, I knew that 2010 was going to be a year where I would make an impact one way or another.

January I created version one of iAmLuca.co.uk with the vision of using it to document my ventures, my networks and connections within New Media and Music. I have discussed topics focused around Digital Marketing and Personal Development, with my knowledge being largely based on my current experiences in my personal journey rather than on professional practise.

As the year progressed I found opportunities would open the more I wrote articles. The more original content I distributed across the social space, the more people who didn’t know about me would get in touch wanting to connect. Literally writing about social communication to expand on my social connections.

After interning at the start of 2010 at various establishments, I gained some significant freelance work that allowed me to begin taking my academic knowledge and personal experiences into the workplace.

I had to learn very quickly to pick and choose which projects I was to devote my time to as it was evident the social space opened the door for anybody and everybody to become an expert at one thing or another. I also had to pick and choose which people I could afford to spend my time talking with openly, as everything we say and everyone we talk to, is seen by those around us.
This is where I began understanding my audience.

Amidst the professional growth I also used the social space to meet a certain individual who helped me understand much more about who I was, who I was becoming and what I could achieve. Her belief in me has allowed me to take a well needed break when needed, as previously I had been known for burning the candle at both ends and being consistently run down both mentally and physically.

Progression and growth

By Mid 2010 I knew things were beginning to piece together and carve a path that would allow me to understand what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats would affect my future, and ultimately which direction I would take in my career.

I’m not sure where along my journey of school, college, Music Academy and University I would realise that it wasn’t my creativity that would allow me to achieve, but more my ability to recognise opportunities.

Oooh... nice lifestream Mr. Luca... Love that blue!

The problem is that we live in a selfish world and the social space has created a platform for egos to manifest based on meaningless statistics and business to grow for both individuals and companies purely built on the manipulation of how we communicate. A new form of guerilla marketing so to speak.

Where the opportunity is in the above statement is to become part of the machine and to market to the majority of people who are searching for answers and a definitive return of investment in their quest. However, the opportunity for me is NOT to join the machine (well you guessed that already), but to pick up on my strengths, and my philosophy taken from The Layer Cake..

‘The art to good business is being a good middle man.’

Doesn't my new Twitter profile look grand!

Evolution not revolution

It’s now 2011 (wow do I feel old), more companies than ever are going to emerge offering new solutions to problems that are not even problems and more individuals are going to claim to be experts. The creative space is far more competitive than ever before and with so many people too focused on getting their numbers up (not money by the way) and being noticed, there are gaps for opportunities.

Rather than a) Joining the machine or b) Fighting against it like some kind anti-Zuckerberg; I am going to be that guy in the middle. Documenting the good and the bad of the space but most evidently, making a full effort to shed light on those individuals that are doing the good AND the bad in the space.

People don’t care about other people like they used to. The 2011 online professional person cares far too much about themself, their small life and how their reputation looks online that they all lose track of how important it is to be transparent and selfless in social media. To network in and out of local communities, assist others who need a boost and also give praise to not just the elite, but also to grass roots and the foundation players who are the future of this crazy place.

Quotable: Everyone is so focused on chatting pointless shit, regurgitating recycled information with the idea that their network will pinpoint them as a visionary and a thought leader. It’s all buzzword bullshit from egocentric sales people.

For me, my life is still within Entertainment. Not Music or Art where I have resided previously; but in Sports Marketing. I see a wealth of opportunity ahead of me, I work in Football, for one of the World’s best known clubs and I know that it is only a matter of time before I make my mark in the entertainment industry.

One to think about:
Have you become online the person you ARE in real life or have you become in real life the person you CREATED online?

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