25 Helpful Points about Life, People and Happiness

Im not one for sharing pointless lists or especially publishing them to my site, but this one is an exception.

The following are 25 points taken from 100 points @julien noted in a recent blog post about life, people and happiness.

These are the ones that stood out to me and if I am not already living by them, I will be incorporating into my life.

1. Spend more time around people that both challenge and respect you.
2. Remain skeptical forever.
3. Fight for what matters.
4. It’s easy for people to talk a good game, so watch how they behave instead.
5. Find things that inspire you and pursue them, even if there’s no money in it.
6. Learn a new language.
7. Eat more protein.
8. Keep people around you that will tell you the truth.
9. Genius gets you nowhere. Execution is everything.
10. Don’t discriminate. Connect anyone in your network to anyone else.
11. Twitter followers don’t keep you warm at night.
12. If given the choice of equity or cash, always take cash.
13. Repeat people’s names when you meet them.
14. Always remember those who helped you. Deliver two or three times as much value back.
15. Learn to meditate. Go on a retreat if you have to.
16. Say no to projects you don’t care about.
17. Find ways to cheat the system– just don’t cheat people.
18. Good connections are about people, not social networks.
19. If the internet is the best thing in your life, you have a serious problem.
20. Find mentors. Just don’t call them that.
21. If you see someone who needs help, stop asking yourself if they need help. Instead, just help.
22. Everyone feels like they’re not good enough. It’s not just you.
23. Courage is a learned skill.
24. Go to Iceland. It’s worth it.
25. Don’t take anything personally, ever.

Inspired by http://inoveryourhead.net/100-tips-about-life/

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