The Virtual Revolution – And What is Homo Interneticus?

Although i hadn’t caught a glimpse of the prior three episodes of The Virtual Revolution, i managed to catch this episode. Entitled ‘Homo Interneticus?’ (which doesn’t appear to have a definition) although Michael H. Goldhaber wrote is the term for “a wonderful summation of the new mentality of internet usage.”

While we ponder over the term, for a quick chuckle click this link to view a blogger on the subject and what i can only describe as a Doc Brown (from Back To The Future) lookalike.

Here is a trailer to the episode courtesy of the presenter Aleks Krotoski and the BBC.

You can see the full episode by clicking this link.

Joined by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Al Gore and the neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, Aleks examines the popularity of social networks such as Facebook and asks how they are changing our relationships.

And, in a ground-breaking test at University College London, Aleks investigates how the Web may be distracting and overloading our brains.

You can watch the full episode by clicking this link.

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