The Importance of Virtual Mentors (Part III) – Mike Dolce

Author, Mixed Martial Artist, trainer and nutritional expert Mike Dolce is famous for being the go to guy in the UFC to assist fighters with their weight cuts for fights. His fighters include some of the UFC’s most credible names, including Vitor Belfort, Thiago Alves, Johnny Hendricks, Chael Sonnen and Nik Lentz.

Mike has become somewhat of a global guru in recent years. His books have become worldwide hits and ‘The Dolce Diet’ is regarded by many as the ultimate guide for living lean. Aside from training the world’s best athletes to smash the shit out of their opponents and being a chef and an author, Mike is also the trainer in UFCFIT which hasn’t hit UK shores just yet. However, it was through his podcast that I became a big follower.

Let the mentoring begin


Having been following Mike on Twitter for a while and following my new approach to health and fitness, I was curious to dive into Mike’s popular podcast to see what this guy is really all about.

The Dolce Diet podcast is posted at least once per week and is hosted by both Mike and his wife Brandy. What I found after the first episode that I listened to; blew me away. I’m not one to get excited easily, but Mike’s charisma, attitude and personality make it hard for any listener not to take notice. Mike is a motivator. Clear and concise with details, informative details, real hard facts and expert opinion into diet, nutrition, MMA and living the optimum life.

Mike takes his time to answer a lot of the comments fans send in and bear in mind, this guy is ridiculously busy. He answers questions and also offers to help fans in need. In addition to the compassionate side, Mike is brutal when he needs to be. On many ocassions i’ve heard his wife Brandy read out a question from someone who’s giving an excuse into why they can’t achieve certain feats and Mike’s response has been, “Buck the fuck up. Man up. Get your shit together. You know how it works. How bad do you want this? Stop being fucking lazy.” Part of me feels sorry for the unknown listener, but really if I was in the listeners shoes, I wouldn’t want the soft approach. I want a kick up the ass and I want it to hurt.

Is there enough value being offered?

“As slaves to the content world we make transactional decisions all the time. We consciously weigh up whether something is worthy of our commitment”

Those who know me know that I hate being sold to. Don’t fucking sell to me unless you know what I am interested in. Just don’t. I don’t care. I have a radar bigger than a submarine, except mine is used for sensing bullshit. This expert telepathy comes from years of working in the realm of social media gurus. bullshit-meter

Therefore when it comes to reading, listening to or watching content, I make a decision very quickly whether it is offering me enough value to keep me engaged.

This is where Mike excels. He over delivers; and I love it. Yeah he sells also, every 5 minutes he’s plugging a book, a product or a website, but he outweighs the sell massively. As slaves to the content world we make transactional decisions all the time.

“Mike over delivers; and I love it. Yeah he sells also, but he outweighs the sell massively (with value)”

We consciously weigh up whether something is worthy of our commitment, that weighing up can vary from seeing the length of a blog article and is the headline catchy enough, to a movie trailer and has it done enough to want you to book tickets.

Worth Ethic, Morals and Attitude

I look for virtual mentors everywhere. Fiction or non-fiction, I am always looking for inspiration and my sponge-like nature craves to absorb new information in a form that I can use in my own life. Mike’s personality, charisma, work ethnic and determination to over deliver in every area of his life are what make him a sure fire virtual mentor to me.

One final element that I want to add in regarding Mike and his work ethic. His fighter Johny Hendricks was set to drop 45 lbs (3.2 stone) in just 8 weeks. From 215 lbs to the weigh-in weight of 170 lbs. Incredible right? Well he achieved it. Not only that, Mike, as his nutritionist and coach also cuts 20 lbs himself. He explains on his latest podcast episode that cutting weight can be quite a lonely experience for fighters, eating different foods to the rest of their training camp, and witnessing the rest of team eating fast food and shit when they have to eat lean. Mike trains with the fighter and eats, with the fighter. Same, same. Hearing this had me nodding to myself, this guy, he sets the damn marker for the rest of us humans.

It’s obvious that I hold Mike’s opinion highly. He’s transparent and leads by example. He mentors me without even knowing who I am. I feel more confident knowing I have Mike in my corner kicking my butt not only into living lean and looking in great shape, but also in being confident, strong and sustaining a positive outlook to the rest of the world.

“Don’t count calories. Make calories count. BOOOM!” Mike Dolce

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