Are We Spoiled By Technology?

It’s the year 2010 and isn’t technology wonderful? We only have to see an influx of trends about the latest iPhone news leak and it sparks off more of a debate than the war in Afghanistan.

The image below paints a nice colourful picture of the evolution of 21st Century Technology.

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As intelligent specimens we are blessed with the ability to do pretty much anything, bar fire red beams out of our eyes or fly.

We can have whatever we desire; if we use our heads to find a way of getting it, and we can be whatever we want to be; again if we use our heads.

Yet i find as time progresses, as technology enhances and as everything appears to become easier; people are generally making life more and more complicated for themselves.

This begs the questions ‘Are We Spoiled By Technology?’

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Back to the action…

What with Social Media, Mobile Technology and the wonders of Internet Search; how hard is it really to make that network, build a brand and climb to the next level?

Now, there is no need for me to reminisce on the days when people actually made of an effort than just 140 characters to communicate, but there was a time before Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger and Email that we still managed to get things done and enjoy life.

Don’t start assuming i’ve gone from being 25 to 65 overnight, cos that orange bus pass holder is a few years away yet. But what is beginning to bug me, is the way technology has become the forefront of everyone’s lives; to the extreme, that we are living our lives in a digital world and actually neglecting the essence of reality around us.

Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

Here’s an example: Last week i actually said, “Im coming off Twitter for a bit, cos im beginning to feel like a stalker.” So i did… i left Twitter for a whole day; only to get a Blackberry ping AND a text message from two people asking ‘why i didn’t reply to their Twitter messages.’ So it appears everyone wants to be stalked.

“Ok ok chill… i’ll log on and i’ll reply.” and that was that.
*Exits digital rehab and heads back to the crack world.*

Even more exaggerated is the fact, that we actually get annoyed if our technology may either slow, stall or stop working. Now, think about that for a second…

First Bag of Questions…


  • Do you rely on technology so much that it affects your emotions?
  • Have you ever broken a gadget of some kind because it didn’t do something you wanted or better yet…



  • Do you have dents around your house from where you have chucked the gadget at the wall?


The point is this…

Were these avenues of communication invented so that we can broaden our networks, expand on our connections and generally get things done easier?

… or were they actually created to keep us contained?

Cue Conspiracy Theory

The way i see things; are that yes, i have technology wherever i go, i can login simultaneously anywhere i want and keep in touch with people; but… and i say this with a hint of regret…
It makes me incredibly lazy!

Yes i am writing this post in a very contradictory fashion using the same technology that i question; but ask yourself…

Second Bag of Questions…

  • Are you using technology to keep up with the trends or is it essential to your business?
  • Are you using technology for your benefit or someone else’s?

Here’s one for all you Social Media Celebrities…

  • Do you find yourself acting as a completely different persona in front of a screen to how you would act in person?

Now pause to think about those questions carefully before you disregard them.

Technology is a Drug

While this post may appear to be a negative outlook on technology; it is actually written to highlight how important technology is to the way we live our lives.

Technology can be just like a drug… Give someone a little taster and if they like it, they will want a little more.
Give them a lot more and they get addicted, they forget how they lived without it and begin to lose control.

I find myself admitting myself into the digital rehab now and again, turning off my Blackberry, temporary deleting my Facebook and taking a step back from Twitter. Why you may ask?

Because productivity is based on being focused and it’s very difficult to be focused if you are juggling between gadgets, websites, networks and applications.

While you may feel like you are out there being very productive, chatting to people across the globe using your incredibly ambitious 140 characters to compile the most interesting passage of your day; the irony of it all is that you probably do so whilst sitting in your pants in your bedroom.


Final Bag of Questions

  • When was the last time you pulled our a notepad and brainstormed productive ideas whilst you have those spare minutes?
  • When was the last time you read a book, maybe something like Rich Dad, Poor Dad? (That’s what i am currently reading).

Luca’s Final Thought

I’ll end this by saying that i think you are all great, i love that you read my posts and hopefully follow me on Twitter (that’s but do yourself a favour…

Take a day off technology and refresh your brain… you deserve it!

“Everything is amazing and nobody is happy”

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