Are people becoming apps?

Will people become applications as we become brands?

Following on from a post I recently wrote about people becoming brands, I was thinking about how much time we now spend on our smartphones and particularly, on downloading the latest apps.

Now, let me get all John Lennon on you for a minute.

Imagine a world where everything is mobile, where information changes hands freely by the touch of a device, scan of a bar-code or via an invisible signal.

Imagine show reels, cv’s and portfolios are all stored into mobile apps for you to show and send as you please.

Imagine there’s an human app directory where you can search by name, category and keyword to find individuals and their content.

Imagine that’s how jobs are found and offered.

Imagine there’s an app service that can build you an app in no time at all, upload it to the app store and you’re ready to market yourself to your audience.

Soon enough a tool/social network will be created where you can easily create a custom application (not just a profile or a page) around you as an individual, with the ability to upload all your content such as; your cv, social profiles, a portfolio, your experience, photos, videos, music etc and then add the final product to a mobile app directory. Here is where people, companies and the world can find you. It will be purely mobile and it will yet again change the way in which we connect.

This movement has already begun with the elite level individual (actor, sportsman, celebrity) who recognizes their brand potential and the opportunity to build digital products around their identity.

The next stage is for the rest of us, who also understand the opportunity from building our brands and by leveraging the potential of mobile.

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