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Industry Spotlight: Paul Marsh

Industry Spotlight is the name of a new series of weekly interviews dedicated to sharing the inspirational stories of key individuals within the entertainment industries.

Another week and it’s time for another look into the life of an inspirational individual. If you are knew to this series, please take a moment to check out week one and week two’s Industry Spotlight interviews; I guarantee you will find something to take from both of those.

This week is where they say… the plot thickens. Actually nothing thickens but I really wanted to say that.

Step up a split personality character, a true product of hard work and persistence; this person is notorious for staying on the grind… literally.

DJ Grind aka Paul Marsh aka DJ Grind, however you know this gentlemen, it’s safe to say he ranks as one of the most loyal characters I have had the pleasure of befriending. A born entertainer with a sharp personality, quick wit and a no-holds-bar attitude, Paul is an impact individual who doesn’t settle for second best. He has acted as a mentor not only to me; but to all those around him for many years and I am glad to say that although the curtain closed on one part of his career; it did so to make way for a new opening…

This week’s Industry Spotlight I unveil the mask behind the former DJ Grind.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Paul Marsh, But this time last year i would of been known as DJ Grind. As DJ Grind i was a DJ (obviously) and radio presenter. Where as now i own my own Surfacing firm called Portway Contractors Ltd.

How did you get into the Music industry?

Well I’d been tarmacking ever since i left school at 16, and it was when i was 23 that i took a short break from manual work to work in a bar, it was that, that lead me into DJing. From then on as well as DJing i often promoted my own events, which lead to me being interviewed on a local radio station called Express FM.
After a second time being interviewed i was asked if i would co present The RnG Show, Which is what I’m probably most well known for.

Was this how you had planned things to go or are you capitalising on opportunities and simply rolling with it?

At the time i was absolutely rolling with it, When your a kid i always dreamed of being a radio presenter but never knew how to get into it. I always loved music, but never thought “i wanna be a DJ” My friend was the resident DJ and wanted a night off, he knew that i knew my stuff and threw me in at the deep end. As soon as the radio show started to get more of a following that’s when i took things a little more seriously, and started getting the big name interviews etc.

With regards as to what i do now, I worked for my father up until last year when, because of the financial climate, his business went under. We decided immediately that we would start again with myself at the helm. Through out my life i always seem to be thrown in at the deep end, but so far, I’ve always managed to swim.
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We’re in a new era where anyone can create opportunities for themselves. Do you agree?

Yes, it’s all about mind set, believing you can do it and working hard. Some people are given things on a plate, some run with it, most will fail. The people that succeed, are the ones who have sleepless nights, because they cant pay bills, or because things are going wrong. You constantly make mistakes in life, they key is to learn from them and not to make the same mistakes.

Would you rather have 100,000 twitter followers to market to or an extra £10,000?

As DJ Grind i would rather have had 100,000 followers on twitter, as a DJ i could of bought myself some new equipment, but 100,000 followers on twitter could of helped me reach people that never knew about me. As a Managing Director of a business, an extra £10,000 without a doubt. But neither of those are as good as word of mouth.

What one thing can you not live without?

I suppose the man answer is football, But my real answer would be Love.

If you wasn’t in this field, what would you be doing?

What I’m doing now! Managing Director of a surfacing company! Although this has been thrust upon me, it was always an aim of mine if the radio career never came to anything.

With so many talkers and gamers out there claiming to be experts and influencers. Do you consider yourself a smooth talker, a real talker or a don’t talk to me i’m not a talker?

I’m a real talker without a shadow of a doubt. Watch any one of my interviews, I’m not afraid to ask the questions everyone else is. Even in real life ill always speak my mind, i think i speak short and to the point. Why say 500 words when 50 will do? Unless its an interview of course!

Name three people who have inspired you in your life.

• My Dad
• Clinton Sparks
• Luca Massaro (Shh don’t tell anyone)

Author’s note: I did not manipulate Paul into adding me into the list above. I guess I just have that influence on people.

If you were a superhero, who would you be?

I’m not really that kinda guy, What superhero is there for his friends and family?

Author’s note: Cheese!

What does the future have in store for you?

Well, i still have a radio show on Express FM, every Saturday 5-7pm. Hopefully Portway Contractors Ltd will go from strength to strength, we have just gained some major contracts.


I’m also helping promote FFC (Football for Cancer) which is something i heavily believe in, Cancer affects so many people, and football is a great way to support that cause.


And finally, if you could give one piece of advice to young creative minds, what would it be?

Get everything on paper, never believe in a verbal contract. Also if you know your own worth, believe in it, never knowingly under sell yourself.

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Get to know Paul by following him on Twitter, he’s a Manchester City fan and likes to tweet from the toilet. Just a heads up…

Check out his company here and I’m sure if you need a driveway or road tarmacking then Paul is your man.

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