Marcus Troy Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Marcus Troy

Industry Spotlight is the name of a new series of weekly interviews dedicated to sharing the inspirational stories of key individuals within the entertainment industries.

In this week’s Industry Spotlight I go International. That’s right chaps, the word is out and Mr. Luca is in public demand.

On the day that twitter turns five years old, it’s only fitting that this connection was built using the power of twitter.

Back in 2010 (that’s last year), I came across a lifestyle blogger based in Montreal, Canada. As we all now know, with twitter it is easier than ever before to seek, find and connect with people from all walks of life.

Now here is a tip. Although twitter makes it extremely easy to contact anyone and everyone, remember that everyone else also knows how easy it is to do so. Therefore if you are looking to make contact with someone who may have a large following, use your initiative, with some research, find their email address and send a personal email where you have a much better chance of getting the response you want.

So that’s what I did; I sent out an email to this Canadian blogger named Marcus Troy, explaining in brief, who I was and how I was impressed by the personal brand he had created for himself.

Marcus has a fantastic personal brand. A fashion enthusiast with an obvious passion for style and image (traits which are immensely important for online branding). His story is unique and inspirational to anyone wanting to build a brand and a business online and he is always willing to discuss further opportunities with anyone who shares a common interest.

Without further ado, Mr. Marcus Troy is this week’s Industry Spotlight:

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Marcus Troy and I am a lifestyle/fashion blogger and a cultural participant.

How did you get into this industry?

I’ve spent years in the fashion industry and blogging became an extension of who I was. I started off share passion and it turned into this amazing forum for engaging and connecting people. I enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas and engaging my audience.

Was this how you had planned things to go or are you capitalising on opportunities and simply rolling with it?

I did not plan this out it sort of just happened a few years ago when I co-founded an online magazine. Things just evolved into this multimedia platform.

We’re in a new era where anyone can create opportunities for themselves. Do you agree?

I believe we are all capable of creating new opportunities for ourselves. Some of the most influential people are just one click away. You can write a blog post that can change your life. You can create a video that goes viral and next thing you know you are sitting on Oprah’s couch. Technology has helped people connect in ways that would have taken forever to happen.

Would you rather have 100,000 twitter followers to market to or an extra £10,000?

I would rather have the money. With resources you can create opportunities, ideas that will get you the 100,000 followers eventually. I don’t think people have figured out how to turn their 100k followers into money. You might have 100k followers but it does not mean you are an influence to them. If you are able to activate your 100k followers and drive them to a product or a service you could probably monetize your twitter.

What one thing can you not live without?

My family.

If you wasn’t in this field, what would you be doing?

I would be in fashion retail.

With so many talkers and gamers out there claiming to be experts and influencers. Do you consider yourself a smooth talker, a real talker or a don’t talk to me i’m not a talker?

I would classify myself as a talker (meaning I like to talk) I don’t don’t like to talk for talking sake though. Some people talk because they have a hole in their mouth. I like to turn talk into action and into tangible things. I don’t like to consider myself an influencer…I believe I have the ability to influence but I rather other people call me influential than claiming it myself.

Name three people who have inspired you in your life.

  • My father
  • God
  • Shawn Cory Carter

If you were a superhero, who would you be?

I’ve always been fascinated with Super heroes as I love the double identity aspects. I think I would want to be superman.

What does the future have in store for you?

I wish I knew.

Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to young creative minds, what would it be?

Marcus Troy Industry Spotlight


I would suggest to be patient, don’t be obsessed with growth. Allow things to develop organically and the journey will last a longer time.

Head over to Marcus Troy’s website where you can check out all the projects Marcus is working on right now. To stay up to date with Marcus and his quest for world domination, follow him on twitter.

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