Have A Passion? Make It Your Career!

“This is my blog, and I am going to give you an insight into social networking, entertainment, the music industry and my life.

It’s about acknowledging that the world is developing and we are in a digital age. I know it and you know it. Doors are opening and we now all have the opportunity to make something of ourselves, just by taking note of what avenues are available.
 With these avenues I have found myself understanding what the public demand is and why others fail. Does it mean I am successful? No. But I am a step further on my path to achieving success than I was yesterday.”

That was what I wrote in my first post on my first blog back in March 2009.

Fast forward three years and my how the spectrum has changed. I didn’t really have a plan back then but my vision was to share content ‘that I considered to be entertaining’. I was a final year Music Technology student also running an Events Management business spawned having felt that there was a gap in the local entertainment scene. Therefore by getting into the world of blogging I felt I could share the music that needed to be heard, events that needed to be promoted and connect talented people together.

Ambition is a funny thing

The shear drive of wanting to achieve so badly can take you on a variety of journeys that you never thought you would be on. Just so happens that with all the stress of pursuing a career in the music industry, I found myself eventually taking a different route to what I had known altogether.

The thing is, music was my life. Studying, performing, composing, showcasing and discussing all things music. It was my dream to grow a career in the music industry. Unfortunately that dream was halted as I couldn’t get that break I was looking for. Too competitive, lack of opportunities or too much bullshit, I managed to find a variety of excuses and such my frustration took me on a different path.

Make your passions your career

It’s taken until now to realise that leaving music behind to take a different path would eventually leave me with a hole filled with emptiness and uncertainty. I don’t regret any decisions that I made, because I managed to build something substantial that has got me to where I am, but if I knew what I do now, I would’ve no doubt made some different decisions. However, in times of reflection like these, I am able to understand and be grateful for what I have achieved and acknowledge that although I may have taken a side step in my journey, I am still able to find the correct path in the end.

I’m a pretty deep thinker (like you hadn’t realised) and my own progress got me wondering how many other people plough through life, always so focused on driving forward without a thought to wonder where they are going.

I urge you to take a moment and think about your journey, because realising how you got to where you are, will allow you to maybe acknowledge what drives you; and ultimately, help you visualise where you need to get to to find self fulfilment.

We are driven by our dreams, our aspirations and our passions. It’s the idealistic visions of what we yearn to achieve that excite us. It’s no coincidence that the happiest people I know are the ones that are living their lives doing what they love. You can read motivational books, watch incredible TED videos and surround yourself with brilliant people, but you’re only going to be truly happy doing something you are passionate about.

2012 and beyond

The obvious from this post ends in where this post began. That opening quote was no more real then than it is now.

I believe by incorporating the learnings and the contacts from my time working in Sport, the excitement I have for Movies and Video Games and the love and passion I have for Music, I can adapt my focus and my professional offering to something that I really believe in.

And it just so happens I’ve been given the professional opportunity to bring this all to the table. Im not in the game of blowing smoke without fire so no more on this just yet, but you can follow me on Twitter where all will be revealed soon.

Although I enjoy writing these posts so that I can archive my progress, the main reason I write them is to share my journey with hope that it resonates with someone else out there. Hopefully from reading this post you may be thinking one of these two points:

a) What am I passionate about?
b) How can I incorporate what I am passionate about into my career?

Get off the bench and into the game

Now all you need to do is take action. It’s time to Get off the Bench and into the Game. Time waits around for no man, yet ironically we all live our lives as if we have plenty of time to do everything we aspire to achieve. As morbid as it may sound, we are all on death row.

Isn’t it time you decided that there really may not be a tomorrow; so what are you waiting for?

Life is too short to settle – that goes for anything. Don’t settle because it’s easier. Don’t hide indoors when it’s raining – it’s always raining. Feel the rain on your face and stick your tongue out. Start saying yes more. Don’t wait. Don’t be patient. If you want to go somewhere – plot a course and don’t be afraid to leave behind those that don’t want to come with you; it’s their choice not yours. You have to spend time in the darkness to be able see through it. Rhys Howell

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