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Are people becoming brands?

With every conference, meeting, seminar and expensive dinner I attend there is a discussion about the future of digital and of social media.

To try and get an idea of where the space is heading it’s important to take a step away from the details, the platforms, the tools and all the blogs/sites we are reading to inform us and to look at the current situation from an overview.

Fundamentally, the way in which we communicate has been enhanced. It’s not a revolution as such but an evolution. Continue Reading

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Industry Spotlight: Kate Spiers

Industry Spotlight is the name of a new series of weekly interviews dedicated to sharing the inspirational stories of key individuals within the entertainment industries.

Bonjour, ca va? Bien! Hope you lovely people had a fantastic Easter break and are loving the feeling of being back at work. For those of you who were sat by your screens on Monday biting your nails in anticipation of this week’s Spotlight interview, I must apologise, but due to the bank holiday, I moved this week’s and last week’s to the Tuesday.

I have been getting some quite stupendous feedback of late in regards to these posts and so much so, I even had the pleasure of being spotlighted myself! ZOMFG!! Go check it out here.

Keeping up the consistent boy/girl rotation I have going on over here, this week I shine the light down on yet another amazing female entrepreneur. Coming by recommendation of the loovealy @iamsilverfox I am pleased to present to you, a Miss Kate Spiers, founder of Wisdom London, a creative communications consultancy (woah that’s a mouthful) based in London. Continue Reading


Industry Spotlight: Blue Champion

Industry Spotlight is the name of a series of weekly interviews dedicated to sharing the inspirational stories of key individuals within the entertainment industries.

After a relaxing Easter weekend, it’s back to business. Hands up those of you who ate your weight in chocolate eggs? … ME ME ME! It’s fine, I found that chocolate does actually have some nutritional value.

On to more pressing matters and it’s time for another ‘remarkable individual’ to step into the spotlight.

As part of my role at Chelsea Football Club, I look after the blog platform. Last year when I transferred from Freelance United to Chelsea FC for my record fee, I looked to blogging as one of my first projects to get stuck into. I advised that we should move to WordPress and look to re-structure Chelsea FC blogging. As part of the strategy, I wanted to look to bring in external fan bloggers to blog on a regular basis as a part of the official blog. I am happy to say, both formulas have worked out well and now there is a variety of talented international authors on the blog. Continue Reading