Project Date: June 03, 2008 Skills: Project Management

Orange Rockcorps

“You can’t buy a ticket. You can’t win a ticket. You have to earn a ticket. Give 4 hours for your community with Orange RockCorps; Get Given 1 ticket to an amazing gig in return”.

Orange Rockcorps is a production company with a pro-social twist. The company encourages community involvement among youth and young adults through the power of music. People who contribute four hours of community service at one of the company’s volunteer events earn a ticket to one of its exclusive concert events. Give, Get Given.

For two seasons 2007-2009 I worked with Orange Rockcorps as Team leader.

An amazing experience as a part of an amazing company. Giving back to the communities of London whilst also educating and training young people, all in the name of music and collaboration. Perfect

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