Project Date: November 06, 2013 Skills: Analytics, Idea

Most Valuable Player

Using social analytics, sporting performance data and business intelligence to make better decisions

Most Valuable Player is a product idea that I conceived in September 2013. I was given the challenge of calculating what an athlete or player could be worth if we included their social media properties in correlation with other data such as wages, transfer fee, sponsorships, media value and any sales/revenue data. The findings led me to developing the concept, visualising it and pursuing funding to build the prototype. In November 2013 I spoke at the Sports Tech Innovation Summit at the Emirates Stadium, unveiling the concept.

In December 2013 I began working with a Premier League club to build the product.

About MVP

MVP combines social media data surrounding each individual player across the top 5 European Football Leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga) with player performance data and business data. This business data includes but is not limited to; sales, wags, transfer fees, sponsorship, merchandise and CRM and enables the user to see trends  and patterns between social media activity, on pitch performance and business conversions. 

MVP enables decision makers who work with professional athletes the insight and foresight to negotiate, plan, predict and execute more effectively.

The Wonders of Data and Measuring for Social Media Success in Sport from We Play Limited
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