Identifying Clarity and Purpose In Your Journey

Within the past year i have watched a heep of motivational, inspirational and personal development videos. Finding that guidance in life so you know deep down that you are heading in the right direction is not in any way easy to find.

In my last post i wrote something very personal; as i am currently going through a transition period in my journey to find self fulfillment.

Tony Robbin’s is one of the world’s most famous public speakers, first brought to my attention by my former mentor Andrew Davis. I have watched this video over and over, and some of the quotes he uses are remarkable.

Take eight mins to understand how he identifies having Clarity and Purpose in life.

“Clarity is power, you gotta know the specific result you are after. What do you want. If you can’t answer that question right now, in your personal life, in your body, in your relationships, in your finances, in your spirituality, then you’re not gonna be as fulfilled as you want to be.”

The quote above; while lengthy, is brilliant. Tony Robbins talks real sense and most of our days fly by us without us taking a moment to really understand where we are heading, what we want to achieve and how we are getting there.

“Life will pay any price you ask of it.”

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  • R

    Im not a huge fan of Tony Robbins, though I know of many people aside from yourself that look up to him tremendously. There are elements of that video though that are undeniably commonsensical and applicable to each one of us. The excerpt you’ve quoted is brilliant as I find that to be my biggest flaw. I am plenty passionate, creative and I have the energy and the drive, but I don’t have a clear image of what I want and more importantly why I want it. I also love ‘ask intelligently’. So true. Back to the drawing board for me. Thanks Luca x

    • iamluca

      Another great comment! You never cease to amaze me with your choice of words.

      While like the rest of 'us', you do not have a clear image of direction and path, it will be your passion, creativity and energy that will guide you to finding it.

      I have no doubts that you will become an amazing success in the near future.


  • Thomasena Myking

    This post was a good read! I couldn’t have explained things better myself.