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The Analytical Revolution

Some time ago I wrote a post about the importance of analysts for online businesses. At that point I was moving into a new role where I was given the opportunity to build an offering of my own and I knew that I would make analytics the core.

After meeting Neeraj Sharma who works with Badgeville I realised I wasn’t alone in my understanding that behaviour is the key to understanding user engagement and holds the answers to hitting key business objectives. Continue Reading

The Drugs Don’t Work, They Just Make You Worse

Not so long ago I took a break from the social space for a short period. Not a big deal for most, but being that Social Media is my job, it became a big deal. There was an array of reasons why, but the main cause was down to a form of information overload I was suffering from in which Brian Solis coined as Social Network Fatigue. Continue Reading

The importance of analysts for online businesses

I want to start this post with a simple question. How well do you know your customer?

Having spent the best part of the last year as a Digital Marketing Analyst, it’s easy for me to explain all the areas of an analytical role and the importance of understanding your company data.

With Social Media being the only word on every companies’ tongue this millenium, most have looked to Social Media for a remedy in which they will create new and formiddable revenue streams. Continue Reading